Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summer is finally here! I'm so excited! A lot has happened sense we last posted, so here are some pictures to try to get you guys up dated.

Ethan took some pretty funny graduation pictures!
(yea, those are going on his wedding video!)
Mom biked in Red riding Hood ride with some of her friends on Saturday! she said it was lots of fun, but she forgot to put on sunscreen and she was very red after 8 hours of riding her bike in the sun! (They rode 100 miles!)

Ethan graduated on Friday!!

This is daisy before she got her hair cut!

Ethan and Jacob had a band concert. It was Ethan's last concert.

It was my birthday on May 19! We had a party at grandma and Grandpa Lundstroms, for all the may birthdays, but i don't think we got any pictures.

Cameron had his rain gutter regatta a couple of weeks! he had a lot of fun making his bout, painting it and sailing it!

he got 3rd place! he was very happy! he also broke his wrist about a month ago.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Fun

The Moab 1/2 marathon was way FUN. I will for sure try to do it again. Some of my favorite things, sun, friends and running.

Trying to stay warm before the race. We used black garbage bags, hand warmers, and emergency blankets.

Hanging out at the hotel after wards. We sat in the sun and enjoyed the hot tub.

Daisy needs a haircut. Someone decided to help her out and give her a pony tail so she could see.

Clark took the challenge and tried first the "Robo cut". I have no idea how that is suppose to work on a dog. Both our dogs are terrified of the vacuum (which you have to use). On to plan B. He pulled out the regular hair clippers and after several days of trying to trim her up, she didn't look half bad.

Ethan (and friends) decided to be super heros for a high school dance. I think he went as
Capt'n Tie dye.

Cameron has a way of making "childhood" seem like so much fun. Here he is sporting a pair of safety goggles that have been sharpied over to make it so you can't see. At least he is being safe!

Our picture of "Flat Elder".

Elder Christensen and Elder Gardner

Saturday, February 6, 2010

January Fun


We had to have some fun with Flat Elder.

Do you think Wesley wants a bite of Carrot Cake?
It was Yummy! I know this since I had a piece 3 days in a row.

Wesley being happy serving the Lord in Jasper, Texas!


This year I have a goal to do a race each month.
January I went to Orem to run the "When Hale Freezes Over"

Kristin and I Freezing at the race. The sky was blue and the temperature was in the low 20's. We have 4 shirts on to try and stay warm.

Ha Ha, I took 2nd place for my age group. It really wasn't a very fast run for me.

Running in West Kaysville in January. It was cold enough the frost was clinging to the trees. It was a RED burn day, but not to worry. I run for my mental health, not my physical health.

Look what finally came in the mail.

Ethan has this birthday tradition of not actually getting his presents on his birthday for one reason or another. These are his Devil Sticks he got a week after his birthday. I ordered them over 2 weeks before his birthday. I guess next time I will have to order a whole month early.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog update and how


More Brownies, Yum!


Good morning...Where is Robin?

It's a bigger surprise if you open it with your eyes closed.

Grandma and Grandpa Lundstrom make it an early morning and come do the tree with us.

Could it Be?????

Santa is the best!


Hmmm... Who ever could Santa be? Grace was to sharp and Santa had to bribe her to stop asking questions.

Robin plays with cousin Eli.

Ethan plays for our Christmas Eve concert.
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas with "Flat"Elder Christensen.
Ha Ha look who is playing Santa this year, Flat Elder.
"Flat"Elder wishes the neighborhood a Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2009 - Elder Christensen arrives in the Texas Houston East (THE) Mission
Elder Christensen with President and Sister Mouldenhaur.
The Elders have come to "pick up" Elder Christensen and take him to his first area,
Jasper, Texas.

Elder Christensen's MTC days. December 2-23, 2009
Here is Houston Texas on the big MTC map.

MTC District
May the force be with you always.

Robin's Christmas Concert with her really bad flute.

Once there was a snowman, snowman,snowman once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall.

In the sun he melted.......
Robin spent a long time making Mr. Snowman and the next day it warmed up and he fell over. Once down on the ground he became the best playground for Daisy Doodle.

December 2, 2009- Missionary Training Center (MTC)
We took Wesley to the MTC today. It was one of the best days and hardest days ever! We have had Wesley in our home for 19 years and raised him the best we could. Today we gave him back to the Lord to finish the job. He will be a great missionary. He has a strong testimony and a great ability to love those around him. We will miss him for 2 years, but are so grateful for the Gospel and knowledge we have of Eternal Families.

We had one final lunch together at IN and Out Burger. Was the food good? I don't remember. I believe I was preoccupied thinking of other things.

We made our way over to the MTC and took pictures and said our last good byes (for 2 years).

Group Hug.

Good-bye Elder Christensen. See ya in 2 years!

As we drove away some of us cried and some of us are made of stone!

December 1, 2009, Wesley becomes Elder Christensen. We are so proud and happy for him. He is going to be a great missionary.
Clark, Elder Christensen (Wesley) and Laurie

Jacob, Elder Christensen (Wesley), Cameron, Ethan and Robin

Grandma and Grandpa Lundstrom with Elder Christensen (Wesley)
Elder Christensen (Wesley), Grandpa and Gandma Christensen and Great Grandma Graham

One last snowboarding trip. The sky was beautiful, the slopes were empty and the temperature was in the single digits!!! Brrrrr!

Wesley Spoke in church the Sunday after Thanksgiving. He was thrilled since there would not be as many people there. We had a nice time with family and Wesley did a great job on his talk.

Clark and the boys pretend to eat the leftovers. Like Clark would let sugar touch his lips.

Apparently, Ethan has had to many treats.

Just hanging out with the bothers playing Wii.

Finding the perfect Christmas Tree. This year we were going to let Wesley pick it out, but then decided he would pick the first tree he saw since he wasn't going to be here for Christmas. We ended up with a really small tree. It was the only one Robin agreed to get.



Not Looking......



Decorating the tree for some reason seems to be something I think everyone should enjoy. Hmmm.... not everyone agrees with me on this.

Who knows what Jacob is doing. Not decorating

Ethan tries to figure out how to put a Texas flag on the tree for Wesley.

Wesley hung up 1 ornament and called it good.

Robin and Cameron put the finishing touches on the tiny tree.

NOVEMBER happenings.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

We all love Brownies!

Eating at Cameron's favorite restaurant .....Chuck-a-Rama! I am pretty sure he likes it just because of the self serve ice cream machine.

Ethan showing us how to use chop sticks.

Hot fudge sundae in a cup.

Dads and Sons Pack meeting . I was the only mom to show up so I left. Cameron had fun trying on the fire fighter suit.

Guess who had a Birthday! Wesley turned 19. He is headed out to serve in the Houston East Mission the beginning of December.

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Birthday Dinner At Red Robbin.....YUMMM!

Ethan and Cameron Waiting for food.


We love Halloween. We are down to only one costume this year. Cameron wanted to be an Archer. Here he is at the trunk or treating.

Cousins, Melissa, Spencer and baby Eli at trunk or Treating.

This is Costume # 2. Cameron left his archer costume in the car from trunk or treating and when the actual trick or treating came around the car was not home so he improvised. Pretty good Mad Scientist.

School Play

Cameron's class did the Headless Horseman play. He was a student of Ichabod Crane.

Band Season!!
Ethan and Jacob both Played the Alto Saxophone in the Marching band this fall. They had an awesome field show.



New Uniforms next Year. Jacob is Excited, but Ethan is sad he doesn't get to use them.

Robin had a Halloween Concert. I think she went as an old man.

October we made a trip to Lagoon the local amusement park. We started the day off with the white roller coaster at Cameron's request. That was the only coaster he did.

Robin and Laurie on the Sky Ride

Riding the Train. This one we had to force some to participate.

Robin trying on one of the costumes.

Waiting in line for the train. Don't they all look happy.

Cameron had the best time!

Jacob and Laurie hanging out at Lagoon.

The Flying Ace's are always worth a ride.

Music Express rocks according to the boys.

July found us with a new puppy and spending time with an old friend.

Jacob and Quintin have grown up!

Cameron, Robin and Daisy Dooddle.