Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summer is finally here! I'm so excited! A lot has happened sense we last posted, so here are some pictures to try to get you guys up dated.

Ethan took some pretty funny graduation pictures!
(yea, those are going on his wedding video!)
Mom biked in Red riding Hood ride with some of her friends on Saturday! she said it was lots of fun, but she forgot to put on sunscreen and she was very red after 8 hours of riding her bike in the sun! (They rode 100 miles!)

Ethan graduated on Friday!!

This is daisy before she got her hair cut!

Ethan and Jacob had a band concert. It was Ethan's last concert.

It was my birthday on May 19! We had a party at grandma and Grandpa Lundstroms, for all the may birthdays, but i don't think we got any pictures.

Cameron had his rain gutter regatta a couple of weeks! he had a lot of fun making his bout, painting it and sailing it!

he got 3rd place! he was very happy! he also broke his wrist about a month ago.


Jen said...

Sounds like lots of fun at the Christensens! Happy Birthday Robyn! I wish we could come visit again. :(

Kyle & Carissa said...

Laurie, you should come run the Teton Dam marathon with kyle next summer!